“There is not a social ill or challenge that we face that cannot be fixed with education.”

~ Michelle Zundel, Director of Educational Services Ashland Public Schools

A Little about me:
I was born in Portland, Oregon in the year of 1986. I have lived in many diverse setting, but most my life was spent growing up on 5 acres in the Hamlet of Beavercreek. I loved living in the woods. I never had cable television or video games and therefore my older brother and I were left to nature and our imagination for fun. And let me tell you we had a lot of it! With the help of the Ford Family Foundation, I began my bachelor’s degree in communications at Southern Oregon University in 2005, I then transferred to Portland State University in the spring of 2006, and came back to SOU to become the first in my family to receive an undergraduate degree in 2009. During my time in school I obtained a certification in mediation that has helped me immensely through the years. I had the opportunity to study abroad to Greece in 2008 which also led me to discover Spain and Egypt. My travels taught me the importance of diversity, especially understanding it in the classroom. Currently I am pursuing a Masters Degree in Education, again with the assistance of the Ford Family, and will be the first in my family to obtain this credential. My family has been my biggest support, inspiration and motivation and I could never show them how truly grateful I am to have them in my life. I look forward to to teaching abroad or in another state to gain a better understanding of new cultures and regions before I find a place to establish a life.

Education Philosophy:

As educators, we are responsible for creating the young minds of the future and also for developing childrens' interpersonal skills in order for them to become significant members of our society. In my opinion, generating outstanding citizens means giving students knowledge and resources to become critical thinker and ultimately have the courage to form their own ideas. By emphasizing cultural diversity and equity in my classroom I will be able to reach out to the students who become silenced in the educational system. I also hope to provide many volunteer opportunities for my students so that, even as elementary learners, they not only realize it is important to be apart of a community, but they are actively becoming members in it.