Here is our page on Brain Gym.

We chose this topic because we had never really been involved in a class where Brain Gym was used and thought the brain and activities to stimulate the brain might be an interesting topic.

Top 5 Things we learned:
1. Brain Gym can benefit and increase productivity in classroom work.
2. Brain Gym activites helps promote a healthy lifestyle.
3. Brain Gym activities prepare the brain and entire nervous system for optimal performance in all areas-- intellectual, creative, athletic, and interpersonal.
4. Brain Gym activities help to promote a sense of calmness and reduce hyperactivity.
5. Brain Gym movements are effective in clearing physical, mental and emotional blocks and one can realize the ease and joy of meeting new challenges!

This website not only has audio and video links, but the whole page has an abundance of resources to use in a classroom regarding Brain Gym. The site is user-friendly, very colorful, with links on the left side. There is also a link for "Movement of the Month" so teachers can be constantly changing up their Brain Gym activities.

We liked this website because it provides many games to play for students that involves the brain. It offers free training online, but a downfall is that you have to sign up for a free account.

Here is a perfect link to Facebook where people can constantly be looking for updated resources on the webpage from people all over the social networking system. The page provides videos and links to other resources that may become handy for teachers wanting to incorporate Brain Gym into their classroom.
I found this great video on Youtube

We liked this video because it was a good example of Brain Gym activities and helped us to visualize what it should look like. Being able to see the students actually do the activity and have fun doing so might inspire your own students to want to participate in the Brain Gym activities.

I found this presentation on Slideshare which would be a great teaching resource to use in the classroom. It goes through why Brain Gym is and how you can use it in your classroom. The slideshow is kid-friendly and very classroom appropriate.


Finally, here is a link to FAQs regarding Brain Gym from the Brain Gym official website. We thought this would be useful for telling parents and administrators the positive benefits and affects of Brain Gym implementation in the classroom. It isn't as interesting as the rest, but provides teachers with FAQs, research, and information.