Jennifer Craugh

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am a student in SOU's 2010-11 MAT program. I am studying to be an upper elementary/middle school teacher. My area of expertise is science, but I am interested in all types and aspects of learning. My main area of interest is children, especially early to middle adolescents. I love the energy and curiosity that comes with their burgeoning independence and growing sense of themselves. What an exciting and powerful life stage.
I live in Ashland with my partner Gene, our son John, rat terrier Charlie, cat Kit, and rat Rascal. We love Ashland and the surrounding area. I really appreciate the distinct (for the most part) four seasons we get here, the fresh air and beautiful natural environment, and the proximity to many other beautiful, interesting, and educational places.2010-07-27-01;01;55AM.jpg