Hello All,

My name is Alan Vellutini. Having been born and raised in Oregon I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to travel throughout the state and feel that I’ve explored only a fraction of what the Rogue Valley has to offer, even after living here for nearly 12 years. I currently live in Medford with my wife of almost two years, Nellie, who recently completed her Associates degree in nursing and is currently working in the CCU/ICU at Rogue Valley Medical Center.


In 2003 I graduated from SOU with a B.S. in Geography with the intention of dovetailing straight into the MAT program, but instead decided to pursue another career opportunity with Britt Festivals. I worked a total of nine seasons with Britt in many different capacities and finally decided after the 2009 season that it was time to pursue my original goal of applying for the SOU MAT program to become an elementary education teacher. My only other college educational experience prior to graduating from SOU in 2003 was at the University of Montana in Missoula. I attended U of M straight out of high school on a football scholarship, but soon realized that the college football mentality didn’t apply to my future goals or way of life. Although my career as a college student-athlete didn’t work out I still feel like my high school and brief college athletic experiences helped shape my competitive nature and ability to work in team-oriented situations when everyone is striving toward a common goal.

In my personal time I enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities including, cross-country and downhill skiing, biking, kayaking and most importantly fishing. Having grown up on the northern Oregon Coast I was raised in a strong fishing family, something that I’ve found to be an incredibly relaxing pastime as I’ve gotten older. A self-proclaimed “Foodie”, one of my more rewarding and centering activities is cooking. I think I acquired the interest in cooking from my parents and grandparents at a younger age, which has progressed into more of a passion as I’ve grown into adulthood. One of my future goals is to produce a cookbook including all of the recipes I’ve acquired, created or inherited from my family. Aside from fishing and cooking, playing guitar is another activity that I find relaxing and personally grounding. When I first moved to the Rogue Valley in 1998 I supplemented my income by giving private guitar lessons to elementary students primarily in the Ashland area. Over a period of five years I volunteered one week every May in three different elementary schools in the Ashland area with their annual guitar instruction unit that was taught by my aunt at the time. Not only was the experienced greatly rewarding, but it gave me a better idea of the working environment in an elementary setting and how to adapt instruction to kids of differing ability levels.

I am currently student teaching at Orchard Hill Elementary in southeast Medford. Although much of my classroom experience is in the middle elementary grades, I find my self thoroughly enjoying the kindergarten and 5th grade classrooms where I've spent my September Experience. With a combined tenure of 43 years between both of my cooperating teachers, I have been immersed in an incredibly rich experience thus far and am acquiring such an amazing perspective from each of their combined philosophies.