Hello, my name is Ramana.

I'm the one none of you have in any of your other MAT classes!
This is because I am a mom and a Zen priest in training as well as an MAT student. Balancing my family life, my commitments, and my passion for working with children is something that I finally admitted just won't fit in a single year!

So Amy the Wonder-Balcastro crafted me a program that looks like the one-year program, (because I really want face-to-face classes in Ashland), but takes three years, because I am trying to do something that to my knowledge has never been done before.

For the past three years, I worked as a teachers' assistant (Two years at John Muir, one year at Bellview). I observed and participated in human transformation; witnessed new consciousness being born, right there in the classroom, and I was hooked. Exciting Big Ideas in action get me powerfully motivated to become a force of positive change.
My son Griffin is in kindergarten, and I am ready to roll!

A few more tidbits:
My husband Stacy and I have been married for 10 years.
I have been practicing Zen for 19 years.My priest ordination will take place on December 11th of this year.
I love origami and giving gifts.
I spent my childhood running wild in the woods above Santa Cruz, CA, and attended a small charter school until the third grade. I moved to Ashland in the fourth grade, and came up through the Ashland public schools. I attended the San Francisco Art Institute for a year, and completed my BA in English, Cum Laude, at SOU in 1999.